Tea Market in France. Market overview

France is a growing market for tea exporters worldwide. With a significant portion of the French population consuming tea regularly, the demand for the beverage is on the rise. This trend has opened up new opportunities for tea producers and exporters looking to expand their reach into the European market.

In recent years, the French have been increasingly drawn towards healthier and natural drinks, with tea being a preferred option due to its various health benefits. As a result, the demand for organic tea products has surged in France, leading to a diversification of the tea market with niche ranges being offered by various brands. This presents an opportunity for tea exporters to France to tap into this growing market and meet the demand for high-quality organic tea products.

Furthermore, with established French tea brands such as Compagnie Coloniale, Mariage Frères, Betjman & Barton, and Le Palais des Thés holding a significant share of the market, tea exporters can also explore potential partnerships or collaborations with these brands to gain access to a wider consumer base. Overall, the French market presents a promising opportunity for tea exporters looking to expand their business in Europe.

France tea market overview

  • 2 out of 3 French people drink tea
  • French consume 250 gr tea per capita yearly
  • French are indeed looking for more natural, healthier drinks, abandoning sodas to turn to tea drinks, with a clear predilection for organic, which has led brands to offer “niche” ranges.
  • Compagnie Coloniale (the oldest French tea brand), Mariage Frères, Betjman & Barton and Le Palais des Thés share 20% of sales between them, with a growth rate of 10% per year
  • Kusmi Tea has 55 stores in France with a turnover of 77 million euros
  • The French seem to have a small preference for green teas (reputed for their numerous virtues, in particular the presence of antioxidants) without neglecting black teas and fruit teas
  • 60% of French people consume tea bags, which is also how it is most distributed on the territory.
  • France imports 16K to 18K tons per year
  • France produces about 1.5 tons of tea per year


Tea market in France

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