Poland’s export industry offers great opportunities for importers

Polish exporters and suppliers offer product of European quality and are much more affordable to the importers than other competitors from Western European countries. On top of it, the country is in Central Europe, making it very convenient from a logistics point of view.

If you job is related to product import you should associate Poland with a great source for your product. This country is an absolute champion for GDP growth in the last 30 years (only China outraces Poland with %GDP growth).

Polish nation did a great job and developed so many economic sectors within the last 30 years: automotive, consumer goods (Furniture, Electronics, Food Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Children’s Items), construction, machinery, technology you name it.


Let’s just make a few examples from different industries:


  • Automotive: Polish Automotive industry is one of the largest in Europe. The labor force is extremely productive and at the same time cost-effective. Poland isn’t just a country where famous automotive vendors placed assembly plants (VW, Fiat, GM) but also a leading producer of automotive components, engines, and spare parts.


  • Electronics and home appliances: a lot of famous producers of consumer electronics and home appliances established local plants in Poland. On top of that, local brands (e.g., Amica) are very strong not just on the local market but also successful exporters. Approximately 50% of all Europe LCD TV comes from Poland.


  • Food sector: Poland is known to be a country with strong agriculture. The food sector is historically very important for the country and is ranked #7 in the EU. All international food corporations (Nestle, Unilever, Mondelez) are well-presented in Poland with production, logistics, and distribution. The country is an important global producer of different agricultural products (EU leader for apples, carrots, some types of meat etc). The Polish dietary supplements market has experienced consistent growth over the years. Food tech is getting more and more advanced in the country. Polish brands for gluten-, lactose-free, and plant-based meat and milk are very strong in quality, assortment, and design.


These are just a few examples, but Poland is creating great quality and design for many other products. For example, furniture, cosmetics, jewelry, baby products, etc.

The Polish nation is truly entrepreneurial, local people are easily engaged in new business relationships and all types of collaboration.

However, the language barrier is still a big challenge. The local language is very complicated to learn, and English is still an issue for some local businesses. This makes sourcing projects difficult missions for people from the outside.



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