How to Export Webinar : Polish Pharma Market

Our team orchestrated an illuminating webinar delving into the intricacies of Polish Pharma Market (OTC). providing a comprehensive overview of the key players and commercial regulations governing the industry. From understanding the market dynamics to navigating regulatory frameworks, participants gained valuable insights into the unique nuances of operating within this vibrant ecosystem.

Deciphering Market Dynamics

At the heart of our discussion lies an exploration of the ever-evolving Polish pharma market dynamics. We’ll dissect trends, growth trajectories, and consumer preferences, offering a holistic perspective on the factors driving the industry forward.

Here are some key takeaways from this webinar:

  1. OTC Product Market Share: Poland distinguishes itself within the EU as the sole market where the OTC sector surpasses the value of prescribed drugs.
  2. Trends by Product: Dermo-cosmetics, sleeping support supplements, eye moisturizers, and premium supplements emerge as the fastest-growing sub-categories in the country.
  3. Evolution of Distribution Channels: Distribution channels are rapidly evolving in the country. While the total number of pharmacies is declining due to standalone outlets, pharmacy chains like DOZ, Dr. Max, Gemini, Ziko, and Super-Pharm are on the rise. Additionally, online platforms such as Allegro marketplace and e-commerce pharmacies play a significant role in OTC product distribution.
  4. Unique Wholesale Distribution Dynamics: The wholesale distribution landscape in Poland sets itself apart in Europe. The top 10 wholesale companies command 90% of retail sales, with NEUCA, Pelion, and Farmacol alone contributing to 70%. The remaining 200+ wholesale companies serve as niche distributors catering to specialized brands.
  5. Product Introduction and Retention: Each year, approximately 7,000 products (SKUs) and 1,000 brands (both local and foreign) are introduced to the market. However, only 25-30% manage to sustain shelf presence in pharmacies, with others exiting the market within months. Registering OTC products, such as dietary supplements, is relatively straightforward in Poland, requiring notification to the local sanitary inspection and adherence to packaging standards.
  6. Negotiable Commercial Conditions: Commercial terms for OTC products are subject to negotiation. Key considerations include establishing a price structure conducive to the profitability of local distributors and pharmacies, as well as implementing robust distribution strategies encompassing both offline and online advertising and promotional support from day one.

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